Electrical Materials

Silicone Composit insulator for MV/HV transmission Lines, substations LV and MV Power Factor Correction Systems, panels, abnks and racks.

Cables And Accessories

MV and HV cables. AAAC, AACSR and AAC aluminium cables, Cable termination units.



MetalClad Cabinets 7.2 -40.5 kV up to 2500A / 31.5 kA/3sn Gas Isulated Cabinets 24 kV 630A / 22 kA/3sn



All brands transformers from 1MVA – 120MVA


TY İnternational Project and İnvestment Co

TY İnternational Project and İnvestment Co. provides design, supply, application, of electrical and civil projects for power plants, transformer centers and transmission lines. The references and knowhow holded make TY İnternational Project and İnvestment Co. preferable strategic solution partner in the mentioned sectors.

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