TY International Project Investment Co.

Welcome to the website of TY International Project Investment Company.

TY International Project Investment Co, built by two experienced strong bussinessman from Turkey and Yemen. Their long, strong and powerful bussiness experience and adding their existing company power to that company makes TY powerful at this area. Strong financial capabilities of this company adds value to big projects.

www.radyal.com  / Turkish Partner
www.alashwal.cc  / Yemen Partner



Who We Are

We provide HV Project solutions to the world’s biggest electrical utility companies. We are giving Turnkey solutions and this is our main bussiness. Our aim is to provide support, service and special solutions for the end user. We are solution based company, that was established to meet the needs of our customers about their MV and HV projects. Customer satisfaction is on the center of our company vision.

Our Approach

TY provides a spares and accessories in a wide range of utility equipment for transformers ,tapchangers ,switchgear ,isolators and other MV and HV substation equipment for users. We are able to provide special solutions to our customers as their needs, our main difference is giving special and most effective solution to our customers on right time and best quality. Our team and experienced technical expertise would be support you in any time and any case to reach you well solutions.


With customer based vision TY does design, manufacturing, installation, commissionning  and servicing as customer needs. Our team have an experience and well done Project referances all over the world on MV and HV substation equipments and transmission lines. TY could also give service to all of customers about their needs and requests.

Addition of these works we are a supplier of HV cables, Transformers, Generators (Diesel, Fueloil, Gas) and turnkey Power plants in any section and requirement.

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